Honey & Syrup

Kispiox Creations (Jim Fowler & Pauline Gomez) 〜 Greenhouse plants  and birch syrup.  Birch syrup sales all year at the Hazelton and B.V. Farmers’ Markets, Country Herbs, K’san, and by appointment at the farm.  Our syrup is all natural with no sugar added.  We use wood waste from local small mills to boil the sap.  We use the heat from processing the birch sap to heat our greenhouse.  Our syrup is in use by some of the top chefs/restaurants in Canada.  |  921A Poplar Park Road (Kispiox Valley near Pentz Lake), Hazelton  |  website  |  email  |  250-842-6367


Telkwa Honeybee (Henry Andringa) 〜 High-quality, raw, unpasteurized honey produced by 70 beehives.  We love our bees and you can taste it!  |  250-846-5388