Delicious Treats (The Duursma Family) 〜 Treating the Bulkley Valley to freshly baked almond cakes (using our traditional Dutch family recipe!)  Since 2010.  |  email  |  250-846-5311


Melissa’s Quality Meats, Garden & Goods (Melissa Gunster) 〜 High performance granola, whole grains bread, a variety of wholesome cakes and monster cookies.  Lamb, fresh vegetables, dog beds, raw wool, and eggs.  |  email  |  250-846-9831 (farm) or 250-847-0547 (cell)


Momma J'sMomma Js Homemade (Jannine Kellar) 〜 Large variety of quality baked goods including squares, cakes, cookies, fudge, and bread!  |  email  |  250-643-0035


Swallow Haven Farm (Linda Dekok) 〜 Farm fresh eggs, meat pies (family and individual sizes), fruit pies, and mini fruit tarts.  Locally grown beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, Peking duck and goose.  Last but not least, don’t forget the dog!  Dog treats – pigs’ ears, liver strips and more.  |  Facebook  |  email  |  250-846-5146